Here is the Siem Day 2. I received the photo back in 2015 but note that I had filed it but never even had a look at it again. It is an enormous Vard design built at Brattvaag in 2013 as Siem Barracuda, and having its name changed in the same year. It is designated as an offshore construction vessel, with 1300 m2 of deck area. The photo was taken in Hammerfest.

Another in our presentation of departed oil rigs - here is the JWMcLean photographed in the Cromarty Firth, traditionally the location of most of the stacked rigs in the UK. This was taken in 2003, but since then the rig went to work after some modifications, only being towed away to the breakers in 2015. It has a bit of a history. In the many take-overs in the rig business over the years Transocean managed not to buy it on one occasion, but subsequently inherited it as part of a fleet. In 1996 it was used as a set for the gloomy Lars von Trier film "Breaking the Waves".

The Boa Sub C - a not very sophisticated pun of a name - entering Ijmuiden the other day. This ship is a VS 4201 built at Factorias Volcano in 2007. This ship and its sister caused a bit of a stir when they entered service, since they followed the form of a conventional anchor-handler but were provided with big cranes, a lot of bollard pull and over 1000 metres of deck area. Shortly after this ship entered service the company appeared to be on the verge of a major expansion, but in the great downturn appear to have been able to cancel orders. It is good to see that they are surviving.

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