Here is the UT722 Atlantic Raven, as it is now but used to be the Augusta ship Asso Ventidue. It was purchased by Atlantic Towing in 2011. It and another Atlantic Towing UT722 Atlantic Eagle are taking up duties as Emergency Towing Vessels (ETV) on the west coast of Canada on behalf of the federal government. It was built at Orskov in 1999 and has 162 tons bollard pull. Unbelievably the Canadians on the west coast are wingeing about the age of the ships, and the fact that they crews are unlikely to have local knowledge. Do come on! In Scottish waters they are putting up with a single geriatric former deep sea tug.

Photo taken back in 2001 as the ship was crossing Aberdeen's Tidal basin, and posted here on 12th November 2018.


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