I have extracted a few advertisements from the Brown's Nautical Almanac, just for their atmosphere. It is a bit battered, here is the cover. Actually it has always been a bit of a mystery to me why every ship i worked on carried this. It duplicates information which is provided elsewhere - better, but the adverts are fun.


 Of the many advertisements available I have included this principally due to the massive power of the tugs -3800 bhp, wow!

 We might remember that back in those days music reproduction was particularly difficult. Short wave broadcasts were out there, but in the main programming was, to say the least, dull. The exception might have been Lorenco Marques radio on the coast of East Africa which beamed out pop to the multitudes. Recording content was equally difficult. Record players were problematic, not only due to the movement of the ship but also because most electrical system were direct current, and the motors in the players were AC. The same applied to the more useful real to reel tape recorders, the provision AC current being achieved using inverters.

 And those of us who were working on British ships in the sixties may remember that we were plagued by life assurance salesmen, probably because were were very conservative young men, and usually had surplus funds available because even though we were badly paid, we did not have may spending opportunities. So I have included this rather splendid offering from "The Navigator".



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