Anyone who has spent more than a couple of minutes on the site will see that we don't do News, although sometimes the pictures of the day are newsworthy. Instead it is my intention that the words and photographs here should inform our visitors, who may be professionals or just people who have an interest in the offshore industry or the ships supporting it.

As a result the Features section presents articles which have been written over the years, with the intent of informing readers of marine magazines and sometimes visitors to the old site about stuff which affects the operation of offshore vessels. Because of the author's twenty or so years as a safety case practitioner the articles tend to lean towards North Sea safety requirements, but there is other stuff. Some of it is solely about the history of the industry which once more is of interest not only to those currently in the business, of who have retired from it - like me really - but also to people who like ships, or who have just landed here y accident while looking for something else. The activities of the oil companies and the organisations supporting them have been to say the least innovative. Back in the 1970s it was considered difficult to extract oil from the earth's crust in 600 feet of water, but now it is possible to do the same job in 10,000 feet. 

And I know I keep saying it but should you be in the market for books about operating supply vessels have a look at the publications. The site is not financed in any other way, and I have become so irritated by ads for office chairs following me about, after I looked for one about six months ago that I don't want people to be similarly afflicted when they visit this site.  

Banner Photo the Saipem 7000 at work in the Gulf of Mexico by Paul Morris.

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