Havyard 842 Victor Gibson

The Havyard 842 design was produced towards the end of the first decade of the 21st century, and it proved popular with shipowners who between them ordered 11 of this moderately sized vessel, proving that bigger is not always better. However despite the moderate power of 16,000 bhp a bollard pull of 190 tons was still achieved and the capacity of the winch drums is 11000 metres of 77mm wire. 

  TYPE: HAVYARD 842 NAME: Havila Neptune   PHOTO: Vic Gibson




Length OA 74.5 m Engines 2 x MAK 12VM32C Workdrum pull 350 t
Breadth 17.2 m BHP 16320 Capacity 1 5500m x 77mm
DWT 5828 t kW 12000 Capacity 2 -
Deck area 520 m2 For'd Thruster 1 x 883 kW Towdrum pull 350 t
Fuel 1100 m3 Az Thruster 1 x 883 kW Capacity 1 5500m x 77mm
Pot water 725 m3 Aft Thrusters 1 x 883 kW Capacity 2  
Mud 540 m3 Bollard pull 194 t Sharks Jaw Karmforks
Brine 515 m3 DPI RRM Icon Cranes  
Dry bulk 220 m3 Joystick Yes Tank cleaning  
Year built/due 2008     Shipyard Havyard Leirvik
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