ISBN NO 978-0-9557002-1-7

Supply Ship Operations Cover

The third edition of this book considers the changes in the working environment and the ship s doing the job, since the first edition was published in 1991. It contains practical guidance on many of the activities undertaken by anchor-handlers and platform ships.

Contents list:

Chapter 1..The Context of the Third Edition

Chapter 2..Offshore Operations

Chapter 3..Ship Handling

Chapter 4..The Carriage of Cargo

Chapter 5..Moving Semi-submersibles

Chapter 6..Moving Jackups

Chapter 7..Morel Anchor-Handling Activities

Chapter 8..Towing

Chapter 9..Emergencies

Chapter 10..Some Operations

Chapter 11..Incidents and Accidents

Chapter 12..The Management of Safety

Glossary of Terms


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This book is now getting towards the end of its print run, and I am deciding whether to reprint or not. I lean towards not reprinting and so the remaining limited number of copies are available at a higher price than previously. And bear in mind that the original price of the third edition was the same as the price in 1991. I wanted it to be available to everyone with an interest.




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