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From the Introduction:

This book attempts to chronicle the development of the supply ship since it first appeared in the 1950s. This is not a life’s work so sometimes there are gaps in the narrative and the information, but it is to be hoped that there is a tenuous thread from the beginning to the present day and that what is written offers a taste of the environment. Unfortunately, even after a mere fifty years the records are sometimes sparse, and sometimes people are just not interested in telling us what happened or even what is happening now. The American supply ship owners remain particularly reluctant to share the information about their current fleets, and in some cases about their past.


Chapter 1..The Offshore Oil Industry

Chapter 2..In the Beginning

Chapter 3..Supply Work

Chapter 4..The Semi-Submersible

Chapter 5..The North Sea

Chapter 6..Rig Shifting

Chapter 7..Deepwater

Chapter 8..The American Revival

Chapter 9..The New Millennium 

Chapter 10..Deep Water Mooring

Chapter 11..To Boldly Go


While this book was written in 2007 and things have happened since, it is worth having because of its historical context. The author worked in the North Sea when the Forties Field was still under construction. So much of it is an original narrative, using the author's own experience and the results of discussions with other shipmasters.

There are 140 colour and black and white photographs many of them taken on ships at sea. 

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