The Ships and Oil newsletter has been in existence for 16 years. The very first newsletter was written in August 2000 and it featured extensively the BP Jigsaw plan. There were a couple of additional newsletters in that year, and in the following years there were newsletters in most months. they still all exist on the old website. For a while another enthusiastic marine author took over the presentation and the articles took on a slightly different tone, as one would expect, but he had to give up and so I took on the task again, sometimes reluctantly.

Thumbing through the pages on the early stuff I came across the celebratory words that the oil price has increased to more than $40 a barrel - and this was in April 2004, and later in that year I opened up the newsletter to contributors and a few people responded. But let's face it, taking photo is a lot easier than composing stuff on paper, so only a few of us are going to do it - in this way, although as I look for an agent for my works of fiction, it appears that the whole world is submitting manuscripts. 

The next big moment for the Newsletter was in April 2005 when I introduced photographs. The first featured the Bourbon Orca, the first Xbow. We were not  to know that this design was going to change the design of most supply vessels, as the rest of the men with the pencils produced their own take on the wave piercing bow. Actually the Bourbon Orca had a revolutionary stern as well, but no-one else has had a go at that.

The next innovation was the development of the email newsletter, the first edition of which was distributed in February 2012. I selected a Word template and have used it since. It restricts the number of words I can present which some would say is a good thing, I have to be circumspect with what I write, but since I also post the same thing on line I can extend the wording of the articles a bit if I want.

All of these newsletters appear either on the old site or this one, and on occasion I have chosen to lift articles out of the old one and post it somewhere on this site. Let me know if you would like to receive an email pdf of the newsletter. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

The banner photo is of a rig move taking place offshore Brazil taken by Tony Poll.


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