Back in the day this fine ship was the most powerful in the world with 25000 bhp giving it a bollard pull of 280 tons. It is a UT 742 built at Unsteinvik in 1999. It is the second commercial vessel to have been involved in the Kursk rescue efforts back in August 2000 when it was recruited to carry the Royal Navy rescue sub the LR5 into the Barents Sea, although it never got to launch. Curiously back in 2000 very few shipowners had websites - difficult to believe isn't it - but there it was, and my original site had been up and running for a couple of years by then, with details of a lot of offshore ships including this one. So I was at work one day and my wife rang me to tell me that she had been taken by surprise because CNN had been on the phone to find out more about this ship.

The photo taken in 2006 and posted here on 11th December 2018.

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