The Havyard group are a combination of designers and shipyards. Two shipyards are owned by the company and the design department used to be the Norwegian company “Skipskonsult AS”. They are based in the centre of all things marine in Norway in Fosnavåg

The first Havyard designs entered service in 2008 was the Havila Saturn.

The Havyard Solstrand shipyard which is 80% owned by the Havyard Group filed for bankruptcy in October 2008, the first casualty of this sort in the world wide financial crisis in Norway, when its banks pulled the plug. The yard is at Tromlefjord. In late 2008 the yard was expected to be rescued by the holding company. It was building three ships, one for Trico, one for Siem and one for a Faroes company.

In September 2008 Havyard contracted with Simon Mokster to supply a Havyard 832 CD RS, which is a version of their well tested platform ship, with additional standby vessel capabilities. This vessel has a deadweight of 4000 tonnes. In addition they we also soon afterwards successful in marketing the Havyard 832 L SE to the Garware Shippng Company of India. This vessel is another development of the most Havyard 832 CD, and offers more accommodation and the possibility of the installation of a suitable crane to allow the ship to be used for IMR activities.

Towards the end of 2009 Havyard and the marine equipment supplier Odim got together to design the Havyard 848 SMART for an organisation called “Smart Shipinvest”. This is effectively a vessel commissioned by ODIM because of their faith in the concept. The concept is that of a very large and very high power anchor-handler which can carry enough fibre rope to moor a mobile unit. The idea is that this single vessel can replace three conventional anchor handlers, or so they claim. While this might be attractive when rates for anchor-handlers are $100,000 a day, it seems less likely to fly when the clients are paying $10,000 a day for the same vessel, but time will tell, and Smart ShipInvest hav a option to build a second  vessel. 

Havyard have not been left behind in the current race for the development of super economy vessels, epitomised by the Havyard 845, which employs the Diesel Electrical/Mechanical concept. The direct mechanical drive produces enough horsepower for virtually all anchor-handling duties, and combinations of mechanical and electric drives can be used for all other purposes. The principle benefit is seen when the vessel is on passage, during which much less power is required than when the vessel is working.

The company has taken yet another step on the awarding of a contract from the Chinese company Sinopec. One of the unusual features of this design is the provision of a “side by side” anchor handing winch rather than the traditional waterfall type. So, it can be seen that Havyard are a new company in this area with a large number of innovative designs available.

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