As time passes I am exploring the intricacies of the Joomla system, and now feel able to present the Picture of the Day individually for each upload.

Like the system on the old site, people send pictures to me by email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and I no longer another to keep the address hidden since it was picked up a couple of years ago by someone in Brazil, and is now features on lists in that country, Argentina, Mexico, Spain and also Russia, or Russia and other countries using their alphabet. So if you would like to send a photo, go for it.

It may be that in time people will be able to upload their own photos to the site. I know it can be done. And in addition we may be able to include some slide shows. But we'll see. This is a site which is not intended to do anything other than inform, and does not make money. The old site contains some Google ads, but such intrusions will not feature here, although I may try to find some specific and related clientelle. I am honestly fed up with being chased by sites trying to sell me office chairs when I bought one back last year some time.

Banner photo of the Falcon 100 being towed out of Malta in the direction of the breakers in March 2016, by Gaetano Spiteri 

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