The DP 3 drillship Norbe VIII owned by the Odebrecht Group and currently operating in Brazil, said by the owners to be "6th Generation".

Photo by Anderson Neves and posted here on 1st February 2016.


The Fugro Saltire an ST-258, photographed entering Ijmuden at the beginning of the month. This vessel is fitted with a self propelled trenching machine launched using the very large A-frame on the port side. It also has berths for 100 people and a 150 tonne crane. 

Photographed by Jan Plug and posted here originally on 4th February 2016.


This is the Far Senator a 20,000 bhp anchor-handler photographed in Malta back in November. It is one of several UT731s operated by Farstad some, or all, of which have now been laid up. Anchor-handlers of course are extremely vulnerable to the reduction in exploration caused by the downturn, and therefore the reduced number of rig moves.

Photo by Gaetano Spiteri lat last year and posted here on 8th February 2016.


World Sapphire_Daniel Earl

The Damen 3300 PSV World Sapphire outside Aberdeen. It is probably in the area which was originally intended to house a wind farm, but which the Harbour authorities successfully had moved further up the coast - to a position just off Donald Trumps golf centre at Balmedie.

Photo taken by Daniel Earl some time last year, and posted here originally on 11th February 2016. 


Maersk Assister_Victor Gibson

The Maersk A class Maersk Assister towing the Rowan Gorilla V out of Dundee in 2008 . The Maersk A class might have ben the first ships with 9 decks from main deck to bridge - with no lift (elevator if you come from North America).

Photo taken by Victor Gibson and posted here originally on 15th February 2016 - and reposted on 19th February.


The PX121 VOS Pace

This is the PX121 VOS Pace seen in Aberdeen two days ago. For those who are getting used to visiting the site it has been updated today, and as seems to be get ing to be the norm with updates I am having to insert all the information again. 

Photo taken by Scott Boulter on 16th February and posted here on 18th February 2016


Olympic Intervention IV_Paul Morris

This is the Olympic Intervention IV providing ROV services to the drillship Stena Forth out in the Gulf of Mexico. This is an Ulstein P101 built in 2008 at the Ulstein yard. The ship is registered in Norway, and the rig in UK - factors which anger the Jones Act enthusiasts in America.

Photo taken by Paul Morris a couple of days ago and posted here on 22nd February 2016


Here is the Maersk Frontier transiting the Kiel Canal the other day. Why? We might ask. The Maersk F class were the first of the UT745s entering service in 1992 and were advertised as being capable of maintaining station up to wind speeds of 45 knots - the usual weather condition requiring the crane booms to be housed.

Photo by Olaf Kuhnke the other day and posted here on 25th February 2016.


Here's the veteran reel ship Deep Blue, operated by Technip working with the FPSO Turritella in the Gulf of Mexico, and just to prove that there is still stuff going on out there in the background can be seen REM Installer, HOS Iron Horse and Transocean Thalassa.

Photo by Phil Tweddle and posted here in 29th February 2016.

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