Here is the Seafox 4 a six legged jack-up, built in 1974 as the Transocean 4 originally as a jack-up drilling rig but now an accommodation and maintenance unit. It has accommodation for about 150 people. I wrote a safety case for it years ago, and I and others found it difficult to find our cabins, since the accommodation was (and maybe still is) divided into cabins with even numbers on one side and those with odd numbers on the other.

The owners claim that being on board will be an enjoyable experience. This could be true. I remember that the catering was incredibly efficient, and as is the way with these old rigs. Probably the same guys are still doing the cooking.

The photograph, which includes the Toisa Polaris was taken by Pat McCardle in 2008 and was posted here on 2nd February 2017.

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