I've just got back to my computer from my holidays, which took in a visit to my old stamping ground Aberdeen, and by good fortune as my wife and I were on a walk alongside the harbour entrance the Maersk Inventor was coming in - very slowly I have to say. Back in my day we would have to have made the transit a lot faster to avoid being blown onto the north breakwaters. In the foreground of the photo is a capstan which was installed in about 1800, together with three others, to wind sailing ships into the harbour in adverse winds. Twenty years ago I could still turn it, but today it seems to have seized up. And the Maersk Inventor? It is the fourth Stingray subsea support ship with 1800 m2 deck area, a 400 tonne crane and 20,000 kW power.

Photo taken by Victor R Gibson on 7th September and posted on 14th September 2018.



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