There are few cities in the world were the port is part of the town, but Aberdeen is one. The ships line top stern to the quay at the end of Market Street and in the River Dee they are more or less bow up to the Victoria Bridge leading to the former fishing village of Torry. I used to live there.The photo was taken from offices of Marex Marine Services, a company in which I am a minor shareholder, but find myself there today because, sadly, the chief executive died suddenly during the Christmas hols, and yesterday I and a bunch of grey haired old former shipmasters were gathered together in his memory. We shook hands and vowed to meet again under more auspicious circumstances, but I think our friend would have been pleased with the turn out. So, Ian, bon voyage, wherever you are. We'll be thinking of you. If you'd like to know more about his company click here. .


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