I have just been to see the film "Kursk" at a cinema in Madrid and thought it was pretty fine. They seemed to get nearly all the nautical bits right - the ones you can see, although there were some buoys flashing away out there which did not seem to fit. But what is now the Atlantic Tonjer stood in for both the Seaway Eagle and the Normand Pioneer, for cinematic reasons, the first of which had the divers on board and the second of which had the British rescue sub on the deck. So here is the Seaway Eagle, built in 1997, and the first to have some particularly sophisticated DP system. I look back and find that the first article I ever wrote for my website was on the predecessor to this site, and so I'm going to revise it and publish it here.

The photo taken by me back in 2001 and published here on 7th December 2018.

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