Here is the Transocean Amirante in 2015 in Malta. This is a very old semi-submersible which was constructed in about 1977 and has been moderately undated since. Back in the early years of this century, after a minor downturn, the oil price went mad, and there seemed to be hardly any capable offshore drilling units out there to take up the challenge. Hence all this old stuff was dragged out of retirement and fixed up. This rig shows the typical upgrade, in this case to give the rig more variable deck load. This usually has involved the addition of buoyancy on the corner columns and blisters on the pontoons. This rig has, I think, been taken to the breakers but fortunately I've got the photos.

This was taken by Gaetano Spiteri in 2014 and posted here on 12th March 2018.


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