Only one Ulstein A102 has been built, and within months of it entering service it sank while carrying out anchor-handling operations at the Transocean Rather west of the Shetland Islands, with the loss of the lives of eight of the 15 people who were on board. The accident was investigated by various august bodies with the conclusion that everybody had to do better with their rig move procedures. As a result of this disaster much information about the ship and the accident have disappeared except for some pretty rambling journalistic attempts at describing the event. Purchase a copy of "A Catalogue of Disasters" to get the full picture. 





Length OA 75.20m Engines 4x3000kW Workdrum pull   400t
Breadth 17.0m BHP 16,000 Capacity 1   5000m x 76mm
DWT 2500mt kW 12000 Capacity 2  
Deck area 486m2 For'd Thruster 883kW Towdrum pull  400t
Fuel 1150m3 Az Thruster 883kW Capacity 1   2500m x 76mm
Pot water 435m3 Aft Thrusters 2 x 590kW Capacity 2   2500m x 76mm
Mud 625m3 Bollard pull 194t Sharks Jaw   2 x 500t
Brine 600m3 DP DPII Cranes   Several
Dry bulk 155m3 Joystick   Tank cleaning   No
Year built 2006     Shipyard   Ulstein Verft
Previous names  
Comments On 12th April 2007 at 1720 this vessel capsized when carrying out anchor work at the Transocean Rather. Subsequently it sank on the location. For more information look elsewhere on this site.

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