Aker produced two Aker AH03s for Tidewater in the latter part of 2004. One of them, the Donnelly Tide was briefly seen in Aberdeen before departing for warmer climes. This type of small anchor-handler has briefly been in vogue on and off, as owners and operators have flirted with more economic means of  supporting offshore activities, and relatively the 9000 bhp is a moderate level of power even in 2004. The little table below indicates the reluctance of Tidewater to share information about their ships with the rest of us.

  TYPE: AH 03 NAME: Donnelly Tide   PHOTO: Vic Gibson





Length OA 65.2 m Engines 2 x RR Bergen Workdrum pull  
Breadth 16.0 m BHP 8080 Capacity 1  
DWT   kW 5940 Capacity 2  
Deck area   For'd Thruster   Towdrum pull  
Fuel   Az Thruster   Capacity 1  
Pot water   Aft Thrusters   Capacity 2  
Mud   Bollard pull 101 t Sharks Jaw  
Brine   DPI Nautronix Cranes  
Dry bulk   Joystick   Tank cleaning  
Year built/due 2004 Shipyard Aker Tulcea Berths 24
Previous names  
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