Photo Jan Plug

Some of the presentations here include a table of the various specifications and capabilities of the vessels featured. These tables are from my old website, which I can no longer change but I can access (on line like everybody else), but I have decided not to worry about this and feature whatever  ships are of interest. Here is the Normand Maximus the first VARD 3 19 I think, and possibly the largest offshore support vessel ever, apart from some heavy lift craft.

Searching for information I find that it is 180 metres long and 33 metres wide and has accommodation for 180 people. It is 16,400 tonnes deadweight and has a 900 tonne crane. The pipe laying tower is capable of sustaining a 550 ton tension, and it has an underdeck capacity for 6000 tons of pipe. It a DP3 ship, and therefore has two engine rooms, but no-one is telling us what they contain. The ship is on charter to Saipem for 8 years and was photographed going to work in Brazilian waters. 


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