Here is the Viking Troll waiting to start the tow out of the Rowan Gorilla VII in the River Tay at Dundee back in 2008. The ship was delivered by Fergusons on the Clyde back in 2000 as the Stirling Iona, after which it became the Havila Force before being bought by Eidesvik. It was later to become the BB Troll, and still might be out there somewhere.

It is a VS 473 powered by two Wartsila 12V32s giving it 15,000 bhp. Alarmingly for me, I find that I went aboard it when it was brand new and wrote an article about it for The Offshore Support Journal. It seems that I quite liked it.

Photo taken by Victor Gibson in 2008 and posted here on 4th May 2018.

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